Linguistics, Languages, and Computer Science


This site will contain information about various algorithms and methods used by myself to process language and do articulatory analysis. These are areas that have been a major interest and focus of mine for the last 10 years or so. Most of what you will find here and more systematic or mathematical approaches to studying verbal communication, though I also do a lot of studying in other areas of linguistics that I will weigh in on at times.linguistics

For those who may not be familiar with computational linguistics, here is a quick overview:

In the real world, computational linguistics is the area of computer science that deals with artificial intelligence and machine learning. That would be technology such as Siri, machine translation, voice recognition, predictive text, etc… As a computer science student, I am trying to put as much focus on these areas of computer science as possible because that is the kind of career I am aiming for. In the meantime, I have designed systems for studying linguistics, especially articulation, that I can use personally for my own studies. These may not be the traditional elements of compling, but they work for me and I am currently writing software that can process and improve my algorithms and create communication between me and my computer.

linguisticsThis site will provide a platform for myself to bring all my work and studies together in one place. It will help me store and manage information that I gathered which I will need for further development and allow anyone interested in knowing what I am up to to keep up to date.

2 thoughts on “Linguistics, Languages, and Computer Science”

  1. Wow only a hand ful of people who are interested in your area i like umberto echo semeotics is most interesting for me

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment and thanks for mentioning Eco’s theory of semiotics! I have just started a class last week about intercultural communication and we have discussed that and similar concepts of communication. I’m really enjoying the class as it’s introducing me to areas of linguistics and communication that I haven’t otherwise put much focus on.

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